Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude via Print

I’ve decided not to buy greeting cards anymore. From here on out it’s creation over consumption – a mantra I feel extends well beyond the confines of Hallmark. So to offer my thanks to those who donated to my half marathon, I created my own cards.

It was my first time delving into the medium of the linoleum block. It felt good. Advice I should have heeded, had I the tool: place a warm iron on a piece of cloth over the block to soften the linoleum. The room temperature block was a little unwieldy to my incisive carving tools.

The final product.

Now onto the envelopes. With a surfeit of East Side Marketplace bags in my apartment, that was easy. Plus, the bags have such gorgeous colors. I’ve gotten it down to a science now – 5 envelopes per bag. Groovy.

I needed a return address label. This was the most difficult to execute. Namely, because my grooves were never deep enough. I re-carved this block at least 5 times before I reached a depth that remained free from ink after rolling.

Finally, Ginny offers her paw to ensure the proper tension on the drying wire for my latest batch. Thanks, Ginny.


  1. awesome!!!!!!!!! i love this
    did you have to carve everything backwards?