Monday, February 28, 2011

You know black, it's this year's pink...

Indulge me as I briefly reflect on the past 30 years, and the coming three. In consuming a belated 30th birthday dinner with my folks and grandmother last night, I began to think about my turning thirty this past 14th of February and what it means. I came to the following conclusion: absolutely nothing. You won’t find me curled in a feeble state dreading my impending dotage, nor lamenting years strew carelessly aside without regard. Yes, in sincere awareness of all its banality I utter: I have no regrets. I look back on my life, my struggles with finding a path, with substance, with education. I turn toward the dark-filled, love-scattered, and bond-testing times alike and revel in their didacticism. As a faithless man, I murmur: I have been blessed.

And now I begin a new chapter: life outside of Rhode Island. This week was ripe with change for me. I received a job offer to be a camp counselor at BeamCamp in New Hampshire for the summer, which I accepted. I gave my notice at PASA, which proved more difficult than expected. After New Hampshire, I’m buying a one-way ticket to Guatemala, where I will spend several weeks in an immersion program, followed by an unknown amount of time traveling and volunteering throughout the country, until I feel my Spanish has reached fluency, and my commitment to social justice in Central America fulfilled. During this time I will be applying to MSW programs in NYC, and will move to the city following my return from Guatemala, to (hopefully) begin an MSW program in fall 2012. I’m ready to move in a new direction. And while I’ll no doubt miss seeing this on a regular basis:

I know I’ll return to it one day. Wish me luck.


  1. Dear Jeremy,

    As always, I am impressed with your amazing ability to see through everyday "life" to find your heart's desire and then to pursue it with ardor. I want to wish you the best of luck, but even as I write that I know in my heart that you will make your own luck and find your way to your path and follow it as you see fit.

    I feel as though I have been blessed - coming through the most important year of college with you, learning with (and from) you, and celebrating a day of great achievement as we walked through the graduation ceremonies together.

    I am searching for my path as well, but as it seems to be with us I can't quite see mine as clearly as you see yours. But you have always inspired me to do better and be better, and I know eventually it will be my turn to impress you. :)

    Best wishes, warm hugs, and my admiration,


  2. I love this cousin =] So proud of you!! and I admire you ambitions, U'll have so much fun =]