Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Heart Is So Full

This will be the newest piece of framed art hung in mi casa:

Reasons this cover resonates with me:
  1. The amount of unadultered space given to Chris and Darren.  Nary a inset photo to detract (though that's more US Weekly's game than EW's).
  2. The tenderness limned on Chris' face. 
  3. Its poignancy in light of Chris Colfer's Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actor.
  4. The fact that these chaps are in uniform (yum).
I love being gay. Rock on EW.

Now, would I like a little more diversity in the portrayals of gay teens/gays in general? Absolutely (see the homogeneity of those on The United States of Tara, Shameless, Will & Grace, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters).  But this is a small step.  The dream is alive.

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