Saturday, October 30, 2010


First day spending time with my brother's girlfriend, Blaklee, who is an absolute peach and pictured at right. Image courtesy of a few Vodka/Red Bulls and a snazzy photobooth. To merrily row along backwards through the day's chronology:

1) Drinks and dancing at The Abbey, where Brandon made a special friend who would have joined us for the cab ride home if allowed, Blaklee witnessed "more beautiful men than I've seen in my 2 years in LA," and I met Sergio Marone, a Brazilian soap star (photographic evidence).

2) Town car escort from Hermosa Beach to the Abbey.

3) Dinner and drinks with the effervescent Carmela Nicole Neuhauser and company in Manhattan Beach, where we regaled one another with our most embarrassing urination stories and finished the meal with a divine crème brûlée accompanied by mini snickerdoodle cookies and candied pears.

4) Naptime, which was peppered with decidedly medical dreams, as my mother was watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice while I slept.

5) Lunch with Blaklee and mom (food: delish; service: complete with indifference and ass-cheeks peeking out from under black shorts -- not two side dishes I particularly enjoy with my meals...) after a 20 mile boardwalk bike ride.

6) 6 is for six mile morning run along the beach, complete with dolphins.

7) Good morning.

Me. Blaklee.Mom. Me.

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  1. How sad is it that I can't identify which excrement story you told. There are so many.