Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Jessie, Allison, Eric, Genise and I spent one night last week preparing for winter -- in the form of making applesauce, pickles, and hummus. Granted, the hummus is already gone but I'm hoping the applesauce and stewed apple peels that I jarred last through the new year. According to calculations (and observations) my 1/2 bushel (which included some quince and pears for exoticality) yielded 7 jars of applesauce and 2 jars of apple peels. Two burning questions may be: 1) Why did you jar apple peels? and 2) Why only 4 jars of applesauce pictured? Well, 1) Ms. Jessie did not like her sauce with peels, so as to accomodate the needs of a dear friend, I relented. And, 2) One of the ball jars blew up on the counter. It was more of a subtle glass crack that slowly became an oozing mess before anyone realized. Reason? Red hot ball jar comes out of oven, applesauce has been now been cooling on the counter, applesauce dispensed into ball jar, physics. In that order. That leaves 6 jars. I gave the other two to the homestead on John Street, in thanks for the use of their kitchen and paper towels. Genise left early -- and so her jar remains on my counter until again we meet. A round of applause for one Christie Moulton for teaching me the proper jarring techniques, and one Almaz Dessie, who upon hearing of my bucolic foray, sonically accosted me with the threat of paralysis (from the applesauce, not her). Love you ladies.

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